We are pleased to welcome our guests to take place at the restaurants terrace or in our beautiful tropical garden where they can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of our restaurant.

We provide daily live entertainment on our stage. At the Crazy Kangaroo in Candidasa you can enjoy your drinks or dinner while listening to our live music or experience traditional Balinese entertainment, like traditional Balinese dance performances, spectacular fire shows and many more. Here we provide you an overview of our daily program.

Tuesday : Live Music (Rock, Pop, Classics)
Thursday : Legong dance (Balinese dance)
Saturday : Live Music (Rock, Pop, Classics)

Come and enjoy with all kinds of music.
Free pick up within Candidasa area.
Call 0363 41534 or 0363 41996
At Crazy Kangaroo, we embrace our community and feel responsible to help them in some way. We started a project to support a local elementary school, named Sekolah Dasar Negeri 2 Ngis, including a kinder garden named TK Teja Kumara Pekarangan. The school is founded on 1 June 1976, and has currently a total of 87 students, from the age of 4 until 12 years old.
The school has almost no financial resources to buy new material or improve facilities; there is a shortage of books and other school material, while the schoolyard became even too dangerous to play because of its defects and rust. With our help, they can solve these problems and make the school a nice and comfortable place, where the children can benefit from proper basic education.

If you would like to support this project, please contact us or visit our restaurant. We also can arrange a personal tour to the school where you can donate money or gifts in person.

Suggestions of gifts:

- Whiteboard markers
- Coloring books and pencils
- Notebooks
- Picture books
- Sports Equipment (football, tennis ball, Frisbee, soccer ball, etc.)
- Lego games
- Puzzles
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